Mystery in the Mojave

The few times I’ve been to Arizona, it was literally flying through Phoenix, or driving through the portion of it that has Route 66, and while I did think it was much more lush than I imagined (because even though I know better my imagination wants to see an Arizona that is nothing more than sand and cactus), it didn’t strike me as a place that inspired mysteries.

In fact, the few times I’ve read novels about Arizona at all, they were either about Arizona luxury real estate, with characters lounging by the pool and spraying themselves with plant misters, or they’ve involved bad grammar and cheese enchiladas.

Because who can refuse a good book about cheese enchiladas?

Tonight I learned about Nite Owl Books, which apparently features the work of Sylvia Nobel, and feature her reporter-cum-detective Kendall O’Dell, and take place in Arizona. I’m a sucker for a good mystery, and these look like an entertaining read, so I’m adding them to my future purchase list.