Lost Titles

Every time Fuzzy goes to Florida for work (which is at least once a quarter), he brings home brochures for Boca Raton real estate and Orlando vacation rental property, and I read them so I can get a sense of what the market there is doing.

I found one the other day, and turned to a page that had a house I swear I’d read about in a novel. Sadly I don’t remember the name of the book, but it took place in Florida, and the lead character was an artist, a painter. I don’t remember it being chick-lit, exactly, but I’m not sure it was overly dramatic, either.

I have a feeling I didn’t read the end, and I can’t remember the title. It might have been a woman’s name, or a reference to art.

But I really want to read it again.

More Coming Attractions

I just received the emailed interview from Julia Holden, and while she doesn’t talk about fictional Las Vegas homes for sale (or trailers stashed behind hotels or casinos, for that matter) the subjects do include Paris, pseudonyms, future plans, and the Folies Bergere.

The authors who’ve been contacted are picked because they’re fairly accessible – with websites, blogs, etc., – as well as because I like their work, or think my readers will appreciate what they have to say.

So far, everyone I’ve contacted has been really gracious and returned the questionnaire much quicker than anticipated, which is really good for me.

Ms. Holden’s interview won’t be posted until November, most likely, but I wanted to let you all know it was coming.