Books I’ve Read

I read roughly a book a week. Sometimes more, sometimes less, but on average, that’s what I read. I wish I had time for more reading – don’t we all? – but I have a job, and a life, and sometimes – difficult as it may be to imagine – I’m just not in the mood.

Even worse, sometimes I’m in the mood to read, but can’t find anything that suits me. This has been known to happen in rooms full of books (i.e. bookstores, libraries) which drives my husband nuts. “There are thousands of books here,” he’ll say.

“Yes,” I’ll answer, “but none of them are speaking to me.”

I love reading in any form, but prefer paper books to electronic ones, though – I confess! – I’m lusting after a Kindle. Someday. Maybe. Until then I have the Kindle app for my iphone.

I try to log every book I read, and do a brief review of all of them, but a few fall through the cracks. Sorry about that.