2015 Reading Log

  1. House Broken, by Sonja Yoerg
  2. The Divorce Diet, by Ellen Hawley
  3. Dreaming Spies, by Laurie R. King
  4. After the War is Over, by Jennifer Robson
  5. Island Fog, by John Vanderslice
  6. All That Glitters, by Michael Murphy
  7. One Step Too Far, by Tina Seskis
  8. Veronica Mars: Mr. Kiss and Tell, by Rob Thomas
  9. Star Trek – The Next Generation: Imzadi, by Peter David
  10. Star Trek – The Next Generation: Triangle (Imzadi II), by Peter David
  11. Scent of Butterflies, by Dora Levy Mossanen
  12. Hunting Shadows, by Charles Todd
  13. The Swimmer, by Joakim Zander
  14. The Fairytale Keeper, by Andrea Cefalo
  15. The Thing About Great White Sharks and Other Stories, by Rebecca Adams Wright
  16. Cauchemar by Alexandra Grigorescu
  17. The Reluctant Midwife, by Patricia Harman
  18. The Dead Key, by DM Pulley
  19. Miramont’s Ghost, by Elizabeth Hall
  20. Life from Scratch, by Sasha Martin
  21. Dog Crazy, by Meg Donohue
  22. A Wilder Rose, by Susan Wittig Albert
  23. Star Trek: The Next Generation – Takedown, by John Jackson Miller
  24. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – Avatar (Books 1 & 2), by S.D. Perry
  25. Mademoiselle Chanel, by C.W. Gornter
  26. The Countess’ Captive, by Andrea Cefalo
  27. I Regret Everything, by Seth Greenland
  28. Little Beach Street Bakery, by Jenny Colgan
  29. The Tusk That Did the Damage, by Tania James
  30. To the Stars, by George Takei
  31. The Bookseller, by Cynthia Swanson
  32. Life in General, by Becca Rowan
  33. Orient, by Christopher Bollen
  34. Imaginary Things, by Andrea Lochen
  35. Ivory Ghosts, by Caitlin O’Connell
  36. The Hurricane Sisters, by Dorothea Benton Frank
  37. Read Bottom Up, by Neel Shah & Skye Chatham
  38. Smash Cut, by Brad Gooch
  39. Threshold, by G.M Ford
  40. Dear Carolina, by Kristy Woodson Harvey
  41. About a Girl, by Lindsey Kelk
  42. The Dream Lover, by Elizabeth Berg
  43. The Accidental Pilgrim, by Stephen Kitsakos
  44. Sweet Girl, by Rachel Hollis
  45. LowCountry Boneyard, by Susan M. Boyer
  46. Running Fire, by Lindsay McKenna
  47. The Mapmaker’s Children, by Sarah McCoy
  48. To Ride a White Horse, by Pamela Ford
  49. The Case of the Invisible Dog, by Diane Stingley
  50. Five Night Stand, by Richard J. Alley
  51. The Predictions, by Bianca Zander
  52. Moonlight on Butternut Creek, by Mary McNear
  53. Summer Secrets, by Jane Green
  54. Dark Screams, Volume 2, edited by Brian James Freeman & Richard Chizmar
  55. Dark Screams, Volume 3, edited by Brian James Freeman & Richard Chizmar
  56. The Canterbury Sisters, by Kim Wright
  57. The Jesus Cow, by Michael Perry
  58. Trail of Broken Wings
  59. The Outer Banks House, by Diann Ducharme
  60. Let Me Die in His Footsteps, by Lori Roy
  61. Disclaimer, by Renee Knight
  62. Death by Coffee, by Alex Erickson
  63. Finding the Rainbow, by Traci Boorum
  64. Return to the Outer Banks House, by Diann Ducharme
  65. Royal Wedding, by Meg Cabot
  66. The Rhyme of the Magpie, by Marty Wingate
  67. Hotel Moscow, by Talia Carner
  68. Paris Time Capsule, by Ella Carey
  69. Love in the Elephant Tent, by Kathleen Cremonesi
  70. The Wrong Man, by Kate White
  71. That Chesapeake Summer, by Maria Steward
  72. Bum Rap, by Paul Levine
  73. Love May Fail, by Matthew Quick
  74. Between a Rock and a Hard Place, by Marty Wingate
  75. Name of the Devil, by Andrew Mayne
  76. An Unwilling Accomplice, by Charles Todd
  77. The Sunrise, by Victoria Hislop
  78. The Girl Who Ignored Ghosts, by K.C. Tansley
  79. Wings in the Dark, by Michael Murphy
  80. Clownfellas: Tales of the Bozo Family, by Carlton Mellick III
  81. Rainy Day Sisters, by Kate Hewitt
  82. The Last Summer at Chelsea Beach, by Pam Jenoff
  83. The Uninvited, by Cat Winters
  84. The Reinvention of Albert Paugh, by Jean Davies Okimoto
  85. The Ones We Trust, by Kimberly Belle
  86. Killing Secrets, by Dianne Emley
  87. The Hypnotist, by Gordon Snider
  88. Andersonville, by Andrew M. Erdelac
  89. Baker’s Blues, by Judith Ryan Hendricks
  90. Blue< , by Kayce Stevens Hughlett
  91. A Remarkable Kindness, by Diana Bletter
  92. Broken Homes & Gardens, by Rebecca Kelley
  93. STTNG: A Time to be Born, by John Vorholt
  94. STTNG: A Time to Die, by John Vorholt
  95. STTNG: A Time to Sow, by Dayton Ward & Kevin Dilmore
  96. STTNG: A Time to Harvest, by Dayton Ward & Kevin Dilmore
  97. STTNG: A Time to Love, by Robert Greenberger
  98. STTNG: A Time to Hate, by Robert Greenberger
  99. STTNG: A Time to Kill, by David Mack
  100. STTNG: A Time to Heal, by David Mack
  101. STTNG: A Time for War, A Time for Peace, by Keith R.A. DeCandido
  102. Star Trek DTI: Watching the Clock, by Christopher L. Bennett
  103. Star Trek DTI: Forgotten History, by Christopher L. Bennett
  104. Star Trek DTI: The Collectors, by Christopher L. Bennett
  105. STTNG: A Fury Scorned, by Patricia Sergeant
  106. Taking Flight: From War Orphan to Star Ballerina, by Michaela dePrince
  107. STTNG: Armageddon’s Arrow, by Dayton Ward
  108. The Rumor, by Elin Hilderbrand
  109. Star Trek Section 31: Disavowed, by David Mack
  110. Star Trek Myriad Universes: Shattered Light, anthology
  111. Star Trek Myriad Universes: Echoes and Refractions, anthology
  112. Star Trek: A Hard Rain, by Dean Wesley Smith
  113. Star Trek Strange New Worlds VII, anthology
  114. Star Trek Strange New Worlds X, anthology
  115. Star Trek New Frontier: The Returned, Part I, by Peter David
  116. Star Trek New Frontier: The Returned, Part II, by Peter David
  117. Star Trek New Frontier: The Returned, Part III, by Peter David

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