V (and others)

V - The Final Battle

by A. C. Crispin, and others.

* * * * *

As part of my recent geeky nostalgia festival of watching all of V (the original miniseries, The Final Battle, and all nineteen episodes of the television show) I went upstairs to The Room That Will Someday Be a Game Room and found all the V novels. (I have only eight of the fifteen) and read them in spurts during the last two weeks. With the exception of the first one, by A.C. Crispin, which is a novelization of both miniseries, they are short novels, averaging 200 pages each, and they’re total fluff – even fluffier than the Trek novels I’ve also been reading – but fluff can be fun, sometimes.

Other titles read:

The Pursuit of Diana
Prisoners and Pawns
Death Tide
The New England Resistance
The Crivit Experiment
The Florida Project
East Coast Crisis
The Texas Run