Review: The Flim-Flam Fairies, by Alan Katz

The Flim Flam Fairies
The Flim-Flam Fairies
Author: Alan Katz
Pages: 32
Publisher: Running Press Kids
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Say the word “fairies” and it conjures the image of little winged beings made of gossamer and light, exquisitely dressed in shimmering gowns or twirly little bejeweled skating costumes. Not so with The Flim-Flam Fairies. Be prepared for the crazy antics of the Fart Fairy, Snot Fairy, Dirty Underwear Fairy, as well as a few other less-than-enchanting fairies as they persuade their way into and out of children’s lives in attempts to take over the Tooth Fairy’s under-the-pillow enterprise. A silly story that will have the kids falling into their pillows with laughter!

To be honest, I’d never heard of this book until a friend recommended it as a good audio selection for my nephew, who is dealing with a serious illness. If you’re between the ages of four and eight, you’ll love this book, because it’s got pictures that are rich enough to almost be art prints, as well as a story that gathers up all the gross, disgusting, imaginative things that kids love, and mixes them with fairies. I mean, how cool is that?

In terms of plot, there really isn’t much, as this is more a series of introductions of these disgusting alternative fairies and a game of gross one-upping, but it’s silly and fun and perfect for young kids.