Dean Koontz

In all honesty, I didn’t choose this book. It was a monthly selection from some book club and I forgot to fill out the reply box OR visit the website. Still, when a book shows up at your door, you may as well read it.

I began reading it the day before Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince arrived, and finished it a couple days after, and am finally posting it now, because I’ve been reading fanfic for a week.

Anyway, it’s a thriller, in which an average guy finds a note on his windshield after his shift as a bartender. If he goes to the police, someone will be killed, but if he doesn’t go, someone ELSE will die. As the book moves forward, the notes come with increasing frequency, and our average guy must find the murderer and stop him before he himself is arrested for the vari0us killings.

Typical of Koontz, the characters are people any of us could know, and live in situations that are completely familiar, and it is this familiarity that sucked me in, and kept me reading. It was a fast-paced story, and totally gripping.