ATOPIA: An Update from Matthew Mather

An email from Mr. Mather this morning:

Many apologies, but after talking with a few people it seems there was a technical issue with the augmented reality target in “Atopia 1 – Blue Skies” yesterday that made it difficult for some people to view the augmented reality image.

I have corrected the issue with an updated version. If you had any problems seeing the augmented reality image yesterday (it should work very easily!) you can upload a new augmented reality image by downloading “Atopia 2 – Timedrops” (the 2nd part of the series) right now (it is $0.99 cents, sorry but I couldn’t get the promotion manager to make it zero for today)…

…or you can download a new copy of “Atopia 1 – Blue Skies” tomorrow (Saturday) by following the instructions below (I should have a corrected version loaded into Atopia 1 by this afternoon…sorry for delay, just frustrating slow refresh rates with Kindle system)…

To load a new copy of Atopia 1 you would need to erase your current version by following these steps

1) Type “my kindle” into search bar in
2) Cllick “manage my kindle” from list of options that appear
3) On list item “Atopia 1” that appears in your list of Kindle items, click “actions” and then choose option “delete”
4) Type “Atopia” in search bar and reload Atopia 1

Many apologies for any wasted time or frustrations…it is a very cool effect and I will make sure to test for thoroughly in the future…!