Augmented Reading?

Earlier today, I received an email that reads, in part:

Atopia novels first to use Kindle as augmented reality platform

The new Atopia series of novellas are the first to use the Kindle to view 3D augmented reality images of objects in the stories

NEW YORK, March 15th, 2012 – Today author Matthew Mather announced the release of the Atopia series of novellas, the first to use the Amazon Kindle or other reading device as an augmented reality viewing platform. Using augmented reality markers embedded in the stories, readers are able to view fully 3D images of the world of Atopia “floating” above their Kindle. Everything to experience this effect is available for free right now, including a free limited time offer (March 15th -18th) of the first Atopia story. To try it out for yourself, just click here to go to Amazon to download for free today, or type “Atopia” into your Kindle (or Kindle app on PC or iPad), download “Atopia 1 – Blue Skies” and then follow the instructions at the end of the story.

The book is available free through the weekend, so I downloaded it, but I won’t have time to read it til Saturday or Sunday. If you also download it, let me know: what kind of Kindle you have (Kindle3? New key-less Kindle? Kindle Fire? Kindle app on an iDevice?) and tell me what you think.