Two Announcements

Attention, shoppers.

I have a couple of announcements.

No, I’m not suddenly going to share the details of my use of Orovo, because while it seems like an interesting product, I haven’t actually tried it.

First, to those who have left comments: the part of WordPress that is supposed to mail me your comments…isn’t. I’m not ignoring you, it’s just that all of a sudden I only see comments from UNAPPROVED readers.

Since the comments aren’t being emailed, it’s really difficult for me to respond.

I apologize. I’m not intentionally ignoring anyone. It’s a technical glitch.

And speaking of technology.
(Well, we weren’t but now we are)

I’ve succumbed! I’ve made my first podcast. Actually this is a mini-cast, only five minutes, but it’s a start. It’s rough, but I’ll improve.

The podcast is called Midnight Tea, and the blog it’s attached to is Midnight Teas. Go forth and enjoy.

Or, you know, mock and laugh.

Either way it involves giving it a listen, right?