A Lick of Frost

by Laurell K. Hamilton

If sex really does assist in weight loss, Merry Gentry is probably the healthiest, fittest faerie princess in creation, but in her most recent appearance, sex takes a back seat to…lawyers.

Yes, it’s true, the most recent offering in the Merry Gentry series not only has a plot, but there’s so little sex it can’t rightfully be termed faerie porn, though there’s still a lot of commenting on the beauty of her posse of gorgeous preternatural men.

The plot, by the way, involves Merry’s uncle, Kind of the Seelie Court, pressing charges against one of her men for the alleged rape of one of the women in his court. The legal conference takes up the first quarter of the book, and then we move into the political machinations of the UnSeelie vs. Seelie leadership.

If this sounds like a really flippant review, let me just say, I loved this book. The character death at the end made me cry, and there were so many plot twists, including answers to some lingering questions, that despite the tears I came away from the book feeling really satisfied.

The problem is, there’s no way I can say any more than this without spoiling everything.

If the last book in this series was PWP, this one completely made up for it.

Read with a box of tissues close by.

A Stroke of Midnight

A Stroke of Midnight (Meredith Gentry Novel)
Laurell K. Hamilton

* * * * *

I’m beginning to think that I need to start keeping a scorecard while reading the books in Laurell K. Hamilton’s Merry Gentry series, because I’ve lost count of which men she’s bedded and how many times, and where. It’s a good thing Meredith is a fictional character, because otherwise I’d have to hate someone who has more good sex in a single DAY than most of us have over the course of a lifetime.

At any rate, stepping back into the world of beautiful sidhe men, and Princess Meredith was just as much fun the fourth time around as it was the first time. Perhaps more so, because by now I expect it to be almost PWP.

A Stroke of Midnight takes place in a single day, picking up pretty much immediately after the previous book, and also takes place entirely within the sithen. There is a murder mystery – someone’s killed a reporter and a member of the court – but mostly it’s about the different men that Meredith encounters, and their individual magical talents. Mostly. There’s some political intrigue in it, of course, and the next novel should be pivotal, if the setup is to be believed.

Faerie porn: gotta love it.