Harlequin: Romance When You Need It

Harlequin: Romance When You Need It

So, here’s the deal, sometimes everyone needs a romantic getaway, but life isn’t always terribly accommodating. As readers, we escape into books all the time – we sail the seas with Horatio Hornblower, write along with Jo March in her garret, ride down the river with Huck Finn, and quietly swoon as Colonel Brandon reads to us on our sick-bed. And sometimes, all we want is to be swept away by a strong, sensitive guy, whether he’s a cowboy, an architect, or a kilted Scotsman.

This month Harlequin wants to make that happen for any reader who wants to try out their different imprints – and believe me, there are a lot of them. Some are the traditional Harlequin romances we all grew up with; others feature contemporary stories with strong female characters who have jobs and lives outside their romantic encounters. What do you have to do? Just click the image above or visit this link: http://bookpages.harlequin.com/romance/

But first, watch the awesome video below.
Oh, and, before you ask? No one paid me to write this, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I read Harlequin romances every so often, myself.

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