Sunday Salon: Bookless?

The Sunday

September is nearly over, and I’m pretty sure I haven’t finished reading a single book. As is my custom, I have several started, but nothing is capturing my attention. I could blame work, or the weather, or any number of other things, but the reality is that I just haven’t been able to fall into anything I’m reading.

I have this urge to invite people over just to read plays or short stories and discuss them. Not books. I have no patience for book clubs and book groups, because I read too quickly (most of the time), and by the time everyone else has finished the book, I’ve read five others. I was this way in school, too, which made literature classes difficult for me. I wish it had occurred to me to ask for the exam work as soon as I finished reading a book; it never did.

And so, this blog lies empty-ish, and I skipped posting anything to Sunday Salon last week, and I want to read, I do, but my brain won’t engage.

On the other hand, I’ve written twelve pages of a story I’m working on for fun, and five of my novel, so the month hasn’t been completely useless.

One thought on “Sunday Salon: Bookless?

  1. I know the feeling….especially after reading a 5 star book, it sometimes takes a bit of reading through some books before I find the perfect one to start on next. I am part of a book club and have loved every bit of it. While we all read quite a few books between each month, it is always nice to pause and meet with other women who love books as much as I do. Best of luck and hope you find a book that grabs your attention soon ;)

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