The Dragon Delasangre

The Dragon Delasangre

Alan F. Troop: The Dragon Delasangre

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When Fuzzy brought me this book I looked at the cover and said, “What is it, a new vampire novel?” Oh, how wrong I was. Author Alan F. Troop’s first novel about a shapeshifting race whose natural form is that of the dragon was compelling and entertaining, though poorly edited. The title character, Peter Delasangre, is, when we meet him, a human being living on an island off the coast of Miami – only when he devours (literally) the young waitress who was hitting on him hours before in a restaurant do we see the reality of his natural form.

The first in a series of (currently) four novels, this book introduces us to Peter, his human employees, and his eventual wife Elizabeth, and her family.

Mind candy, but fun mind candy.