STTNG: A Time to Kill & A Time to Heal

A Time to Kill (Star Trek The Next Generation) A Time to Heal (Star Trek: The Next Generation)

David Mack

* * * * *

The seventh and eighth books in this series bring in more and more political intrigue, giving a minor taste of TNG meets The West Wing, with the Tezwa and their illegal Federation-supplied defense system, and rumblings from the Klingons.

Worf is part of the action once more, acting as the Klingon ambassador, and Riker and Troi are finally engaged. There could be more Data – but then I always think that – and most of his best moments are overshadowed by other things – but it’s interesting that Riker uses Data’s position as one of his reasons for accepting command of the Titan.

The more I read of this series, the more I loved it, and I really have to go back and re-read a lot of it.