Book Review: The Beach House, by Jane Green

The Beach HouseThe Beach House
Jane Green
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I first saw The Beach House when I was working on a project for a writing conference I attended last August, but I resisted buying it. Then, last fall, I finally picked it up, because I was missing the sea and liked the title.

In this novel, Nan Powell, a sixty-five year old widow who lives in a sprawling home in a New England beachfront town, is faced with loneliness and a house that is both too large and to big to maintain, so she decides to rent out rooms for the summer.

As inevitably happens, the various tenants, who include a newly divorced mother and her teen-aged daughter, a recently divorced man who is coming to realize that he’s gay, and her own son who has never been able to commit to one woman, draw together to form a quirky, if loyal extended family.

What could be boring and predictable, in author Green’s deft hands, is lovely and poignant, at least in some places, and outright funny in others.

Goes well with a summer day and a pitcher of lemonade.

Reviewed Elsewhere: True Colors, by Kristin Hannah

True Colors
by Kristin Hannah
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From time to time, I review books for other blogs, ezines and podcasts, but I still want to track what I’ve read. I recently reviewed True Colors for ALL THINGS GIRL. Here’s the first paragraph:

In her last novel, Firefly Lane, which was released in paperback earlier this year, author Kristin Hannah gave us a stirring story exploring the often-adversarial relationships between mothers and daughters. In her newest book, True Colors Ms. Hannah once again displays her deftness at portraying relationships between women, this time with a brutally honest portrayal of three sisters in a somewhat dysfunctional family.

The rest of the review can be found here.